Thursday, 19 June 2014

Why Entrust Ductless AC Installation to a Pro

You can find many DIY tips and guides on installing a ductless air conditioner from the Internet. While these sources are correct in saying that a ductless AC is easier to install than a packaged unit, they often fail to mention that there are still a lot of factors which make installation by a professional preferable.

For instance, a trained AC installer can determine the ideal location for an AC unit better than any homeowner. The pro’s experience can also help him accurately identify the correct AC size and capacity for a room. Additionally, he will know where to place the condenser outside the home to achieve maximum efficiency.

AC installation typically involves complex mechanical and wiring procedures that require professional skills. Using the correct sizes of wires and pipes, and installing the thermostat accurately are critical. Also, depending on your jurisdiction, such a project may require a government permit before commencing, something which the pro can acquire on your behalf.

Professional installers have the proper equipment and tools needed for installing a ductless AC, which you likely won’t have at home. Even if you do get your hands on these tools, there is no guarantee that you can use them as effectively as the pros can. Keep in mind that a simple mistake can have deadly consequences when electricity is involved. Entrusting AC installation to an expert is thus a worthwhile investment as it can better guarantee your home’s safety and energy efficiency.  

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