Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Troubleshooting Problems with AC Fan Motors

Your air conditioning unit’s fan motor controls the operation of the equipment’s fan blades, so when it becomes faulty, you’ll be in for a major inconvenience. Common problems involving an AC’s fan motor include the motor churning out excessive noise, its inability to get air to efficiently circulate, and others. Here are some basic tips you ought to know about troubleshooting these issues:

Loud Noises

A noisy fan motor typically points toward mechanical failure or damage, such as dislodged or loose parts obstructing the motor as it spins. Before you go and check what the problem is, make sure to turn off the electrical connections to your AC unit. Then, open the cover, look for whatever has been dislodged and have it repaired or replaced as necessary.


An overheating AC motor could be disastrous, and it might surprise you one day by eventually killing the unit and rendering it in need of replacement. Look out for signs of overheating like discolored paint and the presence of carbon dust (or you could simply check if the motor seems abnormally hot).

No Air Circulation

This problem is typical of air conditioners that have been in operation for quite a long time, and is naturally getting worn down. If you notice that the fan seems to be exerting too much effort, yet the room is still inadequately cooled, you might want to consider a replacement.

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