Monday, 30 June 2014

Furnace Oil and Some of Its Key Benefits

There are many ways to keep a home warm during the cold months, particularly during winter, and one of them is through heaters using furnace oil. Though the chilly months are still distant, there is no better time to prepare than today, and opting for furnace oil as your main heating fuel is one excellent decision.

More Heat

One of the primary advantages of oil furnaces over their gas-based counterparts is they can generate more heat, which is beneficial during winter. A heater that runs through furnace oil can muster heat that is 400 degrees hotter than gas or electricity. This means higher level of comfort come winter.


Despite using oil that is flammable, they are still the safer choice, as they do not produce carbon monoxide. Furthermore, they also do not explode.


Another benefit of oil furnaces is cost-efficiency, as the prices of oil is relatively cheaper compared to electric use. Moreover, they also offer a much longer lifespan, one that can reach up to as much as 20 years, depending on how well you maintain them. It is important to have their filters cleaned or changed regularly, at least every quarter. There are homeowners who do the maintenance themselves, but it is always advisable to have furnace oil experts handle the situation.

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