Friday, 27 June 2014

New air conditioners for old houses

Living in the same house in Toronto for many years is in itself a badge of honor, for you get to experience so many moments with your loved ones in the same place you grew up. The variety of seasons in the GTA, however, may test your house’s endurance, including the effectiveness of your HVAC systems. With summer around the bend, your A/C system, in particular, may be at risk of breaking down. You must have a trusted air conditioning service provider upgrade the system.

To upgrade an A/C unit in an older home, a contractor may choose either a mini-split or a high-velocity A/C. Mini-split systems are composed of a main compressor and fan unit that are positioned away from sunlight and linked to a number of individual cooling units inside the house.

The high-velocity system, on the other hand, allows the transfer of cool air via insulated piping to some sections of the house where they will be distributed through registers.

A reputable air conditioning specialist should be allowed to analyze the entire house and calculate the value of the cooling load the house needs, then designate the compressor system based on the house voltage. The analysis will include the number of windows, the floor area, and the heat distribution around the house.

An old house that has stood for decades may have its hidden cracks and holes, but a modernized air-conditioning system installed by HVAC experts will bring a higher level of comfort to its occupants.

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