Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer Furnace Tips

Out of sight, out of mind seems to apply very well to furnaces during the summer. Since furnaces aren’t really necessary when the sun is hot outside, a lot of people seem to forget that it still is an important part of their household.
However, summertime is a great time to be concerned about your furnace. In fact, people can stand to save a lot of money by paying more attention to their furnace during this time. Here are a few tips to do just that:

Shut off gas to your furnace
A lot of people are unaware that their furnace continues to use gas even during the summer months. This is because a tiny flame continues to burn inside the furnace even when it is not in use. Called the pilot light, this flame is used to ignite the larger burners when it comes time to crank up the heat and can consume as much as 1,000 BTUs per month. By turning off the pilot light, homeowners stand to save as much $50 or year or more on their gas bill yearly.

Get your furnace serviced

A lot of people put off having their furnace serviced until autumn, when temperatures begin plummeting. As a result of simple supply and demand economics, furnace service costs can spike during fall to account for the high demand. Getting your furnace serviced during the summer allows you to avoid this.

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