Friday, 27 June 2014

A Guide to Energy-efficient Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning Units

"Ensure proper maintenance of HVAC units Energy Star-rated heating and cooling equipment can only do so much. They are bound to fail at one point if their owners fail to properly maintain them. Homeowners should regularly check if their air filters are dirty or clogged and replace them as needed. Meanwhile, complex problems like a malfunctioning condenser or a defective blower fan motor should be entrusted to well-trained heating contractors in Toronto like those from Laird & Son. Keep home airtight. Well-maintained HVAC systems are not a guarantee of energy-efficient use. Homeowners also have to create a secure building envelope by sealing and insulating air ducts and caulking and weather stripping gaps in windows. At times, the holes through which indoor air may escape from are not readily apparent, so homeowners may need to double their inspection efforts."

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