Monday, 7 July 2014

Not Lighting up When You Need It

Gas furnaces have a complicated bevy of parts, with the igniter one of the most important of all. Your furnace may either have a manual or electronic igniter, but what if neither of them are working? A furnace repair specialist may have to be called in to fix it.

Fixing up the igniter will require testing the furnace to see where things went wrong. One sign of a malfunction is when the furnace is up and running but the machine is churning out cold air. Some models have the blower fans starting up before the igniter starts lighting to handle the gas coming in. A flame is often the biggest indicator of the igniter working normally.
Blown a Fuse?
A furnace technician may dig deeper into the machine after shutting it down completely. For instance, have him test the circuit boards and the fuse; the igniter may not be working if the fuse is blown. This affects the sensor, which will put the furnace into safety lockout if it doesn’t detect a fire. Depending on the final diagnosis, a replacement igniter may be recommended. However, you should consult the furnace manual to find out the igniter’s exact specs.

The igniter is like a bigger version of your everyday cigarette lighter. Keeping it in good condition will go a long way to a better burn. 

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