Monday, 21 July 2014

Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioners

As the country enjoys the summer season, some Toronto locals may want to consider regular maintenance of their air conditioning systems. After all, they will almost certainly see frequent use and it’s only fair to give them the tender loving care they deserve. Here are some tips to ensure their good condition:

Change dirty filters accordingly
The rule of thumb when changing filters is to wait at least three months. However, filters are bound to get dirty more than usual over the course of summer when the air conditioners are used frequently. Filters that accumulate all kinds of dirt will eventually affect the system’s performance. Thus, it’s good to have the filters changed more often than usual.

Set air conditioners at normal temperatures
It’s tempting to set the cooling system’s thermostat all the way down to escape the sometimes unbearable summer heat. However, doing so means putting a strain on the AC. Thus it’s always smart to set it to an optimal level, ideally between the ranges of 21 to 23 degrees.

Call on repair service for an underperforming AC

If the AC is not performing as efficiently as it did before, it’s time to call in the experts to inspect the unit and determine whether some parts need replacement. Timely repair helps prevent these units from completely breaking down during the summer season.

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