Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Save On the Oil for Your Furnace with These Tips

A furnace powered by oil has distinct advantages over one charged by natural gas. Oil furnaces burn cleaner and are less explosive, compared to natural gas and other alternatives. Fuel price is unpredictable and can get expensive, though; however there are ways to reduce your fuel consumption by maximizing the efficiency of your furnace.

Cleaning/Replacing Filters Regularly

It is advised that air filters should be either replaced or cleaned regularly. Clean or replace at the start of each month, as a way to get into the habit and to make sure that your unit’s airflow is not impeded at any time.

Block Gaps

A house that is constantly losing heat will have its furnace working constantly. This can be avoided by efficient weatherstripping, as well caulking cracks in windows, doors, and walls to maintain the temperature indoors.

Properly Maintain Airducts

A home is usually heated via a single furnace, with ducts and vents that carry hot air to various parts of the house. Heat can be lost by clogged or leaking ducts. Give them a once-over to ensure the material is intact.

Install a Better Thermostat

A modern thermostat ensures that a furnace is in operation only when it is needed. Choose a programmable one so that it can activate at specific times or when it is too cold.

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