Friday, 9 May 2014

Achieving Proper Airflow with Your A/C System

Airflow is a problem for many homes in Toronto, oftentimes without homeowners realizing it. If your air conditioner suffers from poor airflow, it will have a difficult time keeping your home cool and your energy bills low. Below are key points to understand how important good airflow is, and how to achieve it in your home.

Why is good airflow important?

Inside your body lies the heart. It supplies blood to the rest of your body, and it does so through the blood vessels connected to it. If your blood vessels aren’t working properly, parts of your body will experience problems even if your heart is working just fine. This is similar to what happens if your A/C system has airflow issues. Even if your A/C unit (heart) is working just fine, your home will still have cooling problems if your ducts (blood vessels) can’t effectively supply conditioned air (blood) to the different rooms in your home (body).

To ensure proper airflow, the following steps must be taken:

Keep the A/C’s air filter clean

A dirty air filter increases your air conditioner’s energy consumption, contributes to poor indoor air quality, and possibly damage your A/C system. Replace your air filter once a month to avoid such problems.

Have your ducts inspected by an HVAC professional

A certified HVAC professional can find and fix duct leaks, evaluate if your ducts are properly sized and installed correctly, and make repairs that will significantly improve airflow in your home.

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