Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ductless Air Conditioners: What are the Benefits?

Central air conditioners are the traditional appliances used for cooling in many Toronto homes. However, certain situations make it impractical to extend a central A/C system’s ductwork to the different parts of the home. For these and other different applications, it can be more advisable to use a ductless air conditioner.

So what is a ductless air conditioner? It’s exactly what its name suggests: An A/C system that operates without the need for ductwork. Although a ductless A/C mainly operates the same way as a central A/C, and both systems require an outdoor compressor unit to function, the main difference is that a ductless system’s air handlers are mounted directly in the room that is to be cooled instead of being connected to the outdoor unit like a central A/C’s.

In addition, the ductless A/C’s outdoor unit is comparably smaller. The cool air produced by this unit is then delivered to the air handlers (ductless A/C systems can come with up to four handlers) via a copper line set instead of air ducts.

Aside from not having any ductwork to deal with, other benefits of a ductless system include: a less complicated installation process, minimized energy loss, and the ability to regulate the temperatures in different parts of the home.

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