Friday, 30 May 2014

Regular Maintenance Will Keep Your Furnace Running

Every home needs heating during the cold days, which makes a well-functioning and well-maintained furnace important. To get the most out of your furnace, however, regular service visits by a professional HVAC technician is recommended. Besides these check-ups by service technicians, there are a few other things every homeowner can do to keep their furnace in good working condition.
  • The regular replacement or cleaning of air filters is a simple task that can add to the unit’s lifespan. A clogged or a dirty filter inhibits the proper flow of air which decreases heating efficiency as it makes your furnace work harder. Replacement filters do not cost that much and cleaning them is a simple task.
  • Cleaning the furnace unit itself helps improve its performance. A damp cloth should be applied to the blower assembly, pulleys, and belts to remove the dirt and grime lodged in these parts.

Check for blockages and obstructions in the vents and ducts. Unimpeded airflow is important to allow the hot air to move freely and out throughout the rooms.

Even with all of these steps, you need to have a professional HVAC service personnel to make sure your furnace is in fine working order. Have the HVAC expert come once a year to do check-ups and a tune-up for maximum efficiency of your furnace.

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