Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tips on Choosing an Air Conditioning Service

There are simple fact checks you should do before selecting a reputable HVAC contractor. You want to make sure that the prospective contractor is trustworthy and worth being paid every penny. Here are some questions you could ask your prospective contractors before choosing one.
Does the contractor have proper documentation? Check if the prospective contractor has all the necessary documents, including licenses, government certifications, and insurance policies (if any), before going any further. You wouldn’t want to invest in an illegally operated HVAC company, would you?

Is the company well-established? While selecting industry newbies won’t really hurt, it is still best to pick out a company who has been in the industry long enough. Experience is still king when it comes to purely technical work like air conditioning installation. Getting recommendations from friends and neighbors can help; you may also ask previous clients (if offered) about the service provided to them.
Are the staff/technicians well-trained? Determine if all the technicians who’ll be working in your home are authorized to perform their tasks. You can do this by checking for pertinent skill certifications, preferably those given out by a recognized training center. Entrust projects like these only to certified professionals.

Are all AC repair/work guaranteed? Know if the company offers workmanship warranties, in addition to manufacturer’s warranty on air conditioning parts and equipment. A workmanship warranty somewhat proves the company is confident about the quality of its service.

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