Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Ductless Air Conditioner in Toronto Helps You Save on Cooling Cost

When it comes to the cost of installation, maintenance, and repair, a central AC unit is often costlier than a ductless AC. Installing a central AC system, after all, involves a considerable amount of labor since it usually requires putting up ducts and wires within the walls and ceiling. Meanwhile, installing a ductless air conditioner in Toronto involves nothing more than creating a hole in the wall to aid the piping and securing the unit on a mounting plate. Besides the cost of installation, homeowners must also base their decision on their actual need for air conditioning as well as the climate conditions in their area. For instance, Toronto residents have to put up with higher levels of humidity during the summer due to the city’s proximity to Lake Ontario. For this reason, it is crucial to ask the right questions before deciding what sort of air conditioning system to purchase.

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